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Day 22: How have you changed in the past two years

I didn’t learn these things overnight. I’ve passed through so many different phases, these past two years, that I’m mostly grateful that somehow it seems I’ve meshed together all the different pieces. Old me, new me, young me, less young me (ha!). But most gratefully, I’ve learned that…

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Love me, tender...

It’s so unfuckingbelievably hard to explain. Yes, I’m a “words” girl, but some things don’t come easily, even to the most linguistically talented of people. I’ve been reading the works of Brene Brown and Nora McInerny- my vulnerability, courage and widow role models, respectively. Listening to their stories have really helped me to look in the mirror and face some realities that were incredibly hard to admit…even to myself.

The first of all realities, and the biggest, is that I’m scared.

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Day 13: Someplace I'd like to move, or visit

Every “thing” I’ve done relating to his passing (canceling credit cards, turning off his phone, having his car picked up from the dealer…), took the strength of ten men for me to do. They felt like I was betraying him. After the many firsts I’ve had no choice but to experience, doing something like see a piece of the world that he won’t, well it sure fit the bill of betrayal in my heart. Until now…

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