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Day 13: Someplace I'd like to move, or visit

Every “thing” I’ve done relating to his passing (canceling credit cards, turning off his phone, having his car picked up from the dealer…), took the strength of ten men for me to do. They felt like I was betraying him. After the many firsts I’ve had no choice but to experience, doing something like see a piece of the world that he won’t, well it sure fit the bill of betrayal in my heart. Until now…

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Day 4: My views on religion

My faith in a higher power has nothing to do with a building, or with a figurehead, or with the idea that Jesus was the son of God (or a prophet). I find God, now, in the act of living. It was in the first screams of my babies, it’s when I watch them sleep every night, it’s when I hold them, laugh with them, and marvel at who they are. It’s in the leaps I take, not knowing what will happen, if things will pan out.

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30 day writing challenge, Day 1: The single life

I will always, always be sad Kenny died. While I live my life, and live it well and happily to the best of my ability, there will never be a day that I will think, “well, gee, his death is really okay.” Be reasonable, ya’ll. If your parent/brother/sister/best friend died, how would you feel if the world told you that you couldn’t be sad about it, and live your life in forward motion? It’s bullshit, right?? Same here, ya’ll, same here.

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