A quick note on my "personal guidelines"...

I’ve been sharing a lot lately. Personal experiences, memories, thoughts and feelings I felt too self conscious to share in the past. I’ve been taking my Brene' Brown studies to heart, challenging myself to “show up” to life; to have the tough conversations, to really listen with an open heart, before becoming defensive, and to share, knowing that some might not agree, appreciate, nor understand my point of view. 

That’s really “all good,”but since it’s been a while since I’ve shared my “personal guidelines,” I wanted to reiterate a few things…

1).I share my OWN experiences, from my OWN point of view. I don’t speak for anyone else, and I choose to not share things I think would cause pain or embarrassment to people I love. It’s not fake to keep some private things…well, private. That will not change. 

2).I may sometimes touch on sensitive subjects, that’s part and parcel of hoping to reach people. I will probably never talk about sex, because just writing the word “sex” made me throw up in my mouth a little. I might share about dating loosely, if I ever date (HA! More on that in another post…), friends/friendships, illness, mom life (and everything in between these things), but I will respect the privacy of people who don’t want their experiences/identities shared (I mean anyone’s- friends, acquaintances, etc).

3).My perspective may not match up to those around me, that’s okay. As the saying goes, “6+3 =9, so does 4+5, and 7 +2”- my point being, we can all have our “own way,” but that doesn’t mean any of us are wrong.

4).I absolutely encourage sharing (your comments, your opinions, your feelings, your experiences, my posts/page, etc), but request only that people remain respectful. Remember rule #3 in your interactions :)

5).I am literally not an expert on anything. I’m not a therapist, a licensed trainer (yet!), etc. I’m not even an expert on grief; only on my own grief (because, as I’ve learned, grief is a very personal experience, and like snowflakes, varies from everyone’s own experiences with loss). So while I’m always (ALWAYS) happy to lend an ear, a shoulder, a hand, a kettle bell, I am not an authority on anything.

That’s all for now, folks! I SO look forward to reaching more of you, and getting to know you all as we go along on this journey.



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