Moving up, Moving on, and plain old Moving...

It's summer, she said. There'll be posts-a-palooza, she said! Welp, shit happens, or doesn't happen, I suppose (well that, and somehow my blog got hacked and I couldn't get back in it for a time...who the hell wants to hack this page???).  It's been non stop, my friends. Non, freaking stop.  For those who were otherwise unawares, Ken has been laid off since the spring.  There's a lot I could say about it, but alas, I will not- out of pure respect that my husband would probably not want me to, because he's a classier dude than I am a dame (we all know, I ain't no dame).

He took some time off to soak in the break up.  I mean, it obviously wasn't a "break up," but it sure felt like one for him.  It was the only job he'd ever had since college.  He was with "them" almost as long as he was with me, so the thought of not being with them was one that needed time for processing.  A few months, a lot of beer, and two road trips later, the big news of the week is (drumroll please....) WE ARE MOVING!

Well, not a thousand percent officially, but mostly officially.  Back in June, a recruiter told him the job market in NY was pretty much shit at his level (no shock there), and he might want to consider getting out of dodge if he didn't want to wait 1-2 years for a new one.  We simmered on it.  We did some research.  We daydreamed about moving to Tennessee and Chicago, or the West Coast.  But when push came to shove, there is one place we've long talked about moving, but never did because of circumstance- Charlotte, NC.  It's milder in every sense of the term--the weather, the cost of living, with a decent job market for either of us to find a position and be able to live and breathe (literally and figuratively, since the air quality down there is about 30x's better than NJ...).

AND, in other big news most of you know already--Kenny had a rock star scan this past week, and is officially DUNZO with chemo. On Friday, in a newly renovated doctor office in Manhattan, he heard the words he's been waiting to hear for 18 months, that he can start living his life again.

Here comes my usual silver lining speech.  I'm not going to try to sugar coat it--this past 14 months SUCKED.  Like, for real. We muddled through. We made it.  But it wasn't fun.  We had shining moments because of our kids. Honestly, I don't know how we would have waded through it without them; they kept us focused on the fact that aside from this other shitty thing, we had a life to keep plowing through--schedules to keep, mouths to feed, lives to nurture.  When Kenny got laid off, we both thought "what shitty timing!" I mean who wants to worry about that in the middle of chemo? that we're at the end of the rainbow, I have to wonder if it happened at just the right time (well, if there ever is a right time).  Now that he's done, now that he feels like he can live again, would it be the worst thing to start fresh? I mean, what's the worst? We don't like it and move back? Sounds pretty minimal compared to the last year of "what if's."

So that's that.  And so begins the process of trying not to live in the only area we've lived our whole lives- should be easy, right??? HA!  And now that I'm finally able to get back into my blog page (which mostly consisted of me pressing buttons for weeks until one worked to get me back in, reminder: I'm super tech stupid!), I can maybe write, say, every other week versus every other month! Check back in the next few days to hear about what we are doing to get the house ready to sell (UGH- the dreaded "house selling" process!), what I'm doing to keep my family eating healthy and keep myself fit(ish) and our big celebration plans.  As always, thank you SO INCREDIBLY MUCH to all of you who've spent the last four years rooting for Kenny and our little family.  Your endless notes of positivity inspire us! XOXO