Resolutions, schmesolutions...

Howdy Friends!  Happy New Year's Eve! Aka, the day everyone thinks their lives are magically going to change at the stroke of midnight, because...well, just because.  I'll be honest, my friends, as much as I've always loved the amazing parties that come with ringing in a new year (especially last year's, when we attended the nuptials of two of our favorite people--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BILL AND AMBER!!!), I've never been a big fan of those soul crushing things we like to call "resolutions."  I'll lose weight, exercise more, eat better, save more, change every flaw I see...nah.

After many (many, many...) failed experiments, and feeling like ass when they inevitably don't work, I've come to my senses.  At the ripe old age of 29  (cough:35:cough), I realize that, much like age, a year is just a number, and tomorrow I'll have the same life as today.  So why not just embrace today. I know, I'm a GENIUS! It's the most novel idea since sliced bread.  But seriously, all sarcasm aside, mac trucks and mishaps are a real thing, so don't wait for the date to change on the calendar to make changes you want to see in your life.  I've had people judge me (to my face...I can only imagine what is said behind my back...) for the choices Ken and I have made the last few years.  To have another baby, to move to a place we've long dreamed of moving.  I suppose people can't imagine that after having gone through what we have, that we'd dare continue trying to live.  Sound asinine to you? Yeah, me to0...but I often find the most judgmental are those who let their fear keep them from living (and this is coming from someone with severe anxiety, OCD, PTSD and probably some other acronyms that mean I'm a chronically nervous person).  I'd love to say it doesn't bother me, but I'm a human, and of course I don't love to be judged; but I'm happy to say it doesn't make me think twice about what we've chosen to do.  If it doesn't work? Well, then it doesn't.  We go back to the land we came from. If it does? Awesome.  We all get one shot at this thing...we should all be trying to do it well.

As for mwah, I've been trying to write more often for about two years.  There was a magical time, when I had one angelic child and one non-mobile baby where it seemed ever so easy; but its true, the third really knocked me off of my blogosphere keister.  I've had the grandest of plans, and found it near impossible to follow through; but today, I'm making yet another attempt.  Not because there's a new year coming, but because it took me a month to figure out how to make a Facebook page for my blog (reminder, me = tech stupid!), and I finally got time to fiddle with the page yesterday.  So today, in another first, I'm posting this to my blog's NEW FB page :)  So going forward, if you so choose to follow our little (err, pretty huge, long, roller coaster of a...) journey, please like/follow the page.  I won't be posting to my personal page anymore.

With that, my friends, I hope you ALL have the most wonderful celebration tonight...stay safe, stay warm, don't drink and drive, and most of all, like every day, embrace it! XOXO!!