Getting real...

I’m going to get real with you friends. Like, really real. Like, I just took pictures that I’ll share (at the tale end of this little ditty here), because I don’t even think this level of mess exists outside of movies about comically harried parents and their wild children. 

I’m not an organized person. When doling out abilities in life, somehow the “not live in level-twelve mess” didn’t come with my personal package. And yet, with three young kids, I’m well aware that any success I might have as a single parent hinges on MY ability to be organized. I actually laughed when I wrote that just now. Out loud. I bet anyone who’s had to live with me, did as well. 

We all done giggling now? Great. So here’s the thing, even though matching pairs of anything together (socks, kids, earrings, whatever) is an Olympic feat for me, as I look around, I can see the chaos surrounding me will engulf me if I don’t get a handle on it (literally, figuratively…). So I’ve made it interesting for myself; a bet if you will. The wager? A pair of Sam Edelman shoes I’m crazy about, but have no practical use for. If I manage to get the mess OUT, I can get the shoes IN. If you ever read my previous blog life, you know I love a good challenge. 

It won’t be an easy feat. First issue is that I’m an emotional saver of things (we won’t say hoarder—just yet—as you can still see the walls when you enter and all that). I still have every note Kenny ever wrote me. Normal? Ok. I still have tickets to every event we attended, an empty tin of lipgloss that I finished in 1998 because it was his favorite when I wore it, half the hospital paperwork from when my kids were born (not the necessary medical record kind), broken jewelry I wore as a kid, you get the gist. The second problem? My kids are emotional savers of things. I’ve had to argue over throwing away a broken Shopkins thingamajig that had no obvious resemblance to anything useful (think: half of some kind of tiny plastic drawer with no box to match it to). Third, and final issue? The biggest? Have you ever heard the phrase “Cleaning your house while your kids are home is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos?” Yeah…my kids are home. They’re home all.the.time. See that closet there?  Yeah…that’s what they did while I cleaned up the living room (this is AFTER I made them re-hang up most of my clothes that the threw on the floor). 

I know what most of you kidless/1kid parents are thinking “Umm…get your kids under control, don’t let them do that!” To you I say “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Phew! I needed that chuckle. Okay, so back to the task at hand. Over the next five days, my goals are:

  • Get all clothes put in drawers/closets, and at the very least, grouped similarly (pants/shorts, shirts, pajamas, etc)
  • Get a refrigerator calendar for daily events (soccer, Taekwondo, meetings, playdates, etc)
  • Reduce the amount of toys we have by 1/3 (at least—this one will be TOUGH).
  • Donate/toss clothes 
  • Designate “places” for most used items (shoes, back packs, lunch boxes, etc—this will be KEY for the school year)

FIVE DAYS. Come Friday, those pretty, pretty shoes will be MINE!!!! Aaaaand GO! (See you Friday..!)