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Love me, tender...

It’s so unfuckingbelievably hard to explain. Yes, I’m a “words” girl, but some things don’t come easily, even to the most linguistically talented of people. I’ve been reading the works of Brene Brown and Nora McInerny- my vulnerability, courage and widow role models, respectively. Listening to their stories have really helped me to look in the mirror and face some realities that were incredibly hard to admit…even to myself.

The first of all realities, and the biggest, is that I’m scared.

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30 day writing challenge, Day 1: The single life

I will always, always be sad Kenny died. While I live my life, and live it well and happily to the best of my ability, there will never be a day that I will think, “well, gee, his death is really okay.” Be reasonable, ya’ll. If your parent/brother/sister/best friend died, how would you feel if the world told you that you couldn’t be sad about it, and live your life in forward motion? It’s bullshit, right?? Same here, ya’ll, same here.

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