Day 18: Beliefs

I believe in you and me.

I believe that love will be eternally

I believe the children are our future

Wait…those are all Whitney Houston’s beliefs..

Sorry, the minute I saw the topic for today, I literally couldn’t get the song “I believe in you and me” out of my head. I’m one of “those” people, who can hear a word and suddenly start singing. My beliefs are probably not very surprising, if you’ve read my blog before…

I believe in the healing power of toes in the sand, and a book in the hand.

I believe in standing your ground in the most respectful way you can. When you can’t, walk away.

I believe in being yourself, whoever that is, and trying to live your most authentic life.

I believe paper books are better than e-books any day of the week.

I believe that birds chirping is one of the best sounds you can wake up to (next to the ocean).

I believe kids should be allowed to be little, for as long as possible. We put so much pressure on them to grow up, and to sit down and sit still and be quiet. We place a lot of emphasis on learning to read, and getting good grades, and passing tests. Yet many suffer when it comes to figuring out how to relate to one another, how to decompress with play and how to handle social situations. They’re not mini-adults, and should be allowed to enjoy their childhoods as much as possible. They only get one. 

I believe in being honest when you’ve made a mistake. 

I believe tacos are the best food on the planet, and could maybe, possibly, help world peace if given to everyone.

I believe that a good night of sleep can cure a lot of ills.

I believe science and religion are not mutually exclusive. I believe in God. I also believe in science. I believe that most doctors are good doctors, hoping to treat illness and find cures. I also believe doctors are human, and make errors. I believe less than altruistic doctors exist, and you always need to be your own advocate. 

I believe in the adage “you may be too much for some people, those are not your people.” It’s taken me a lot of years to accept this, and more so, be a-okay with it. I’m not for everyone, neither are you; no one is. That said, I do believe everyone has their people, somewhere. You just have to find them. 

I believe there is a lid to every pot (figuratively speaking). 

I believe in the designated hitter rule. 

I believe summer is life affirming. Beach concerts, baseball games,  boardwalk rides, bikini days and sweater evenings. Beers with friends, swimming with the kids, endless summer evenings in the back yard. 

Last, but not least, and the least shocking, I believe that life is weird. Sometimes it’s incredible, exciting, filled with love, hope and delicious days of nothing but ordinary. Sometimes it’s terrifying, and exhausting, and barely survivable. For many of us, it’s a lifelong roller coaster, where you just hope that there are more moments of fun belly flips, than scary drops.