Day 2: Where do you see yourself in ten years?...

Ahhh, that age old question; the one your teachers asked you in high school, the ones your supervisors asked on your interviews to be hired. “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

Let’s be real, friends- does it matter where I see myself in ten years? After all, if you’d asked me ten years ago, I certainly wouldn’t have said “I see myself being a widowed Mom of three, planning a whole new existence.” Life has a way of doing it’s own thing, regardless of what you want…

So, no, where I hope to see myself in ten years probably isn’t what “will be.” But is it important for me to think about?

Fuck yes.

What is a life without goals? Without hopes? Without aspirations? 


My life, gratefully, as of this minute, isn’t over. So despite the absolute profound knowledge that none if it may be, I have hope…

I hope…

  • That my daughter will be in her sophomore year of the college of her choice. 

  • That my boys will be in high school, touring schools, making moves. 

  • I am ensconced in a fulfilling (if not lucrative) writing career.

  • To own a home, wherever my life leads me by then.

  • That I have good friends to share my life with.

  • To have close ties with my families.

  • Every day is more good than bad.

  • We spend our summers by the ocean.

  • We laugh a lot.

  • I’m still as passionate about the things I love, as I am now. 

  • I’m helping people.

  • My job takes me to new places

  • To travel. I want to take in all the world has to offer.

  • I have been and am flexible with the curveballs. Even the good ones…

The truth is I’m old enough and experienced enough to know that any super concrete goal might be a stretch. Maybe I’ll change my mind down the line, but considering a year ago I didn’t have much of ANY vision for my future, I’m hesitant to fixate on too much, for too far out.  Maybe I’ll be trainer, maybe I’ll be a trainer with a wildly successful online magazine, many employees of my own, and a book deal. Maybe I’ll be out in California, screenwriting the story of my life, maybe I’ll be in a bungalow at the shore, living the quiet life. Maybe I’ll fall in love again, have more kids (or not…), or maybe it’ll be me and my monkeys for the long haul. I just don’t know. And honestly, I’m pretty cool with that. If in ten years we are here, and happy, and healthy, I’m down for that.