Day 16: Views on Mainstream Music

I’m a big fan of music. I can’t claim to have any form of in-depth knowledge about the industry, history, or anything like that; but I REALLY like to listen to it.  I have actually been outlining some ideas to write a memoir, based on the songs that remind me of poignant or important memories in my life.

When it comes to mainstream music, I’ve hit that age where I don’t love a lot of new music. I no longer relate to the songs about dating, or “hating,” or celebrity clashes in lyrics. I read US Weekly, and I have no idea who almost any of the people are, not because I don’t love pop culture (I do!) But because I just don’t have time. I wouldn’t know who Cardi B was if I had to pick her out of a lineup, and don’t ask me who sings any of the most popular songs (because although I might bop around in my car to them, I couldn’t name the singer to save my life).

I can get on board with bands like Imagine Dragons, artists like Halsey or Ed Sheeran, but mostly I like songs in a “one off” type fashion. 

When it comes to I spend most of my time listening to, it’s a jumble of everything. I like classical to calm down, classic rock or 80’s/90’s pop to run to, 2,000’s era hip hop like Jay-Z or Ludacris to lift or get an angry type workout in, anything from the Beatles to Pearl Jam to reminisce or daydream. 

BUT, anyone who’s been a neighbor can attest, than on a beautiful day with my windows open, you will almost always hear some Bruce Springsteen playing (loudly). You might even catch my kids and I dancing around like crazy people if you look closely ;)

Megan Courtney