Day 11: the first 10 songs that come up on "shuffle."

YAY! A “rest day” for the “deep writing” muscle ;) 

1). “All Apologies (Live),” Nirvana

This song will always and forever remind me of my big brother, Mike. A teenaged Nirvana fanatic to his core, he often blasted the poetic lyrics of Kurt Cobain loud enough for all of Crystal Court to enjoy (or not…). He even read his biography (a self proclaimed “non reader”); that’s how much he loved them. It also reminds me of Jenko Jeans, “simple” sneakers, and oversized tee shirts.

2). “Drive,” The Cars

One of my all-time favorite 80’s ballads (I also love the reggae version by Ziggie Marley). It gave me all the feels as I got a handle on life on my own for the first time. 

3). “Times Like These,” The Foo Fighters (live)

AHHHHH, FOOOO!! My second favorite band, and the best band I’ve ever seen live. I have three different versions of this particular song on my phone (along with a few of “Everlong,” and “Learning to Fly”) It’s a nice song to listen to when I’m feeling lost.

4). “Whatever It Is,” Ben Lee

In my mid-twenties, I went through a pretty heavy Ben Lee phase (an Australian artist, best known in our country for being in a relationship with Claire Danes a million years ago, and is currently married to Ione Skye- of Say Anything fame). He has a song called “Catch My Disease” that was slightly mainstream for a bit, after it was used in the hilarious romcom Just Friends. I saw him in concert, along with Rooney (a maybe slightly more known band, probably because it’s front man, Robert Schwartzman was the romantic love interest in The Princess Diaries, and the band appeared in an episode of the O.C). It was a fun concert, since it was a smaller (albeit high energy) venue in NYC. I still listen to the album often, not just because it reminds me of a fun time, I really just find the music to be “timeless.” `

5). “Everybody Gonna Talk,” Carly Pearce

Carly Pearce is a newer country artist. I happened to hear one song (“Every Little Thing”) and decided to buy the whole album. I’ve loved every song, including this one. Her music is full of fierceness, fire, and lack of apology for not giving a rats patoot what people think (all things I love!).

6). “Yesterday,” Imagine Dragons

I’m a big fan of the Imagine Dragons these days. I have a lot of their music (current and older albums) on my “routine” list of songs to listen to. 

7). “American Land,” Bruce Springsteen

A fun, Irish sounding jam on his Wrecking Ball album. Nothing sentimental about it, except it’s a nice listen with the windows down on a nice day.

8). “All Night,” Big Boi

A fun song to listen to when I work out :)

9). “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” Haley Reinhart

My favorite version of this classic; Haley’s voice is soulful and dreamy.

10). “You’re the Best (from Karate Kid),” Southern Creek Player

Originally purchased as a joke, to play for Kenny some birthday, these days it mostly reminds me of a funny summer night we had a million years ago. We went to Bar-A in Belmar to some summertime beach bar antics. For non-NJ residents, it’s a VERY fun shore bar in a summer season “party town”- at least it was when I was younger. It had/has an entire “back yard” of sand, sand volleyball, and sand bars; and is actually named Bar Anticipation, but I don’t know of a soul who’s ever called it that! They had dueling pianos (You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille!”- shout out to my shore friends!), amazing cover bands, “beat the clock” specials (that never end well for it’s participants), just the epitome of the word “shenanigans.” 

His very good friend, Dan, lived within walking distance at the time, and occasionally we’d (over) indulge at the shore bars and crash on his couch. We had a really fun time at the bar one night, probably loading up on $1.50 Bud Lights, and for whatever reason, spent the long walk home dancing around the streets of Belmar, singing this song, doing what, I’m sure, were super impressive karate moves (at least, drunk 25 year old us thought they were impressive). I also vaguely remember piggy back rides and playing in puddles of rain water. Thinking of it even now can make me chuckle. 

Clearly, music has always played a pivotal role in my life. Music can remind me of my best days, and of my worst days, and of all the little and big moments in between. They remind me of days I danced with friends, of days I was lost in my own despair, afternoons riding down the shoreline, riding into adventure, or simply taking the long way home. <3