Day 6: 30 interesting facts about myself

1). I love music. Bruce Springsteen is my all time love! When I was little, I would dance around my living room to “Born in the USA” like a maniac. Last year, I figured out that he was playing at the Meadowlands the day I was born (in a hospital just a few miles away). I like to joke that I could hear him from my bassinet, that’s why I love him. I found a poster of the ticket stub from that concert, and I have it framed in my office.

2).  Growing up, I wanted to be just like DJ Tanner. Apparently God listened, since I kinda sorta ended up just like DJ Tanner…well, I mean I’m not vet, and I don’t live in a house worth millions in San Francisco, BUT I am a widowed mom of 3. So there’s that.

3). When I was in middle school, our band instructor took us on awesome field trips to see Broadway plays. Somehow, we were invited to attend the opening night of Grease on Broadway; there were celebrities galore. Running across an aisle at one point, I tripped over the foot of Donald Trump. He was less orange then…

4). I watch reruns of Psych, often. That’s whassup. Did you hear about Pluto?

5). When I was a teenager, I took acting lessons. I was decent at it (a professor in college once told me I was missing my calling when I had to act out a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Sadly, I was too insecure to really try. All it took was one friend making fun of me, and my shot at winning an Academy Award was history! Although, truth be told, I’d love to write a screen play some day,…maybe I’ll win one that way ;) 

6). I’m an early riser, always have been. I love mornings. To me, there is almost nothing better than the first hour of the day…a hot cup of coffee, catching up on my work, taking in a new episode of a TV show..its really the best start to my day. 

7). Tom Cruise was my first celebrity crush, next was Val Kilmer. Neither of which was because of Top Gun! For Tom Cruise it was because of Far and Away, for Val it was because of Real Genius

8). I LOVE cheesy 80’s/90’s movies, and discovered many of them are on VUDU for free! My favorites are Just One of the Guys, Summer School, Summer Rental, both Mannequin movies, the Police Academy movies…I’m actually not sure there are any I don’t like.

9). My favorite “bad” foods are cheese fries, and fried chicken with honey. I raaaaaarely indulge in either of these things, I consider them gateway foods (HA!, but seriously…).

10). I’m a health and wellness coach, which means people sign up with me; they stream online workouts, and I help them push through struggles (nutrition, motivation, etc). I love what I do, because I genuinely enjoy helping people. It’s taken me a loooong time to get comfortable sharing, but I’m getting better at it. I’m studying to be a personal trainer so I can start helping people “in person,” as well as online. 

11. I grew up in Middletown, NJ. It was a nice place to grow up; I always felt safe to roam, climb, ride bikes, walk to friend’s houses. That’s a rare thing these days.

12). I worked for a tiny, old record label for a little while out of college, where I met one of my dearest friends (she’s probably the only good thing that came out of that job, love you to the moon, KL!). That, and Chubby Checker called once and said “Hey there, its Chubby!” It was hilarious. 

13). I like nice things. I don’t own a lot of nice things (Mom life, ya’ll!), but I love to look at diamonds, Louis’ and Loubs as much as the next girl. I hope to buy myself some of those things someday. 

14). I love the word “knickers.” Couldn’t tell you why, I just do.

15). I was an English major, so I have some “pet peeves”. PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD ya’ll, learn the difference between “to, too, two,” “their, they’re, there” AND “Loose, lose.” 

16).  I’ve always loved kids. Before working in HR for a few years, almost all of my jobs were with kids (summer camps, before/after care, long term sub teaching, etc). Funny enough, my favorite grade to be in charge of was third, which my daughter is in now. Most of my girls (on our running team) are also in third, and I adore every minute I’ve gotten to spend with them (including in a cockroach infested cabin). I think nine years old is a kid “sweet spot.” Young enough to be adorable, old enough to be independent. 

17). I struggle with the “boy stuff” for my sons. I don’t mean in a sad way (although that’s a thing, but a whole other post), I mean that despite the fact I never fancied myself super “girlie,” I just don’t love burps and farts as much as my sons do. I try, friends, I do. I rough house and give piggy back rides, and all that jazz, but if I have to hear about how hilarious poop is ONE more time…(and I will, in about three minutes…)

18). My favorite “place” on the planet is the NJ shore. I always loved it, but now that I’ve been living landlocked for the better part of two and a half years, I have a newfound appreciation for it. I’ve been to both coasts of Mexico, I’ve been the most beautiful island of the Bahamas (Eluethera), Florida, two coasts of the Dominican Republic, and yet…I like to think that when I die, my soul will be evermore at the shore. 

19). If I ever write a book about my life, it will probably be titled “Life is weird.” A “not so inside” joke, because for a long time, most of my blog posts began with “it’s been a weird day…a weird week..a weird month…a weird year.” Turns out, life really is just weird!

20). I’m not all that interesting, because I’m grappling with coming up with annyyything interesting about myself…

21). I have blood relation (my Dad’s uncle) to a Genovese crime family “underboss,” who went missing just before I was born. Maybe I’m him reincarnated, maybe I’m not…but maybe you don’t wanna mess with me just in case- capeche? 

22). Speaking of my Italian heritage, said underboss had a gorgeous little bakery in Little Italy, still owned by my father’s extended family today. When I was little, they’d let my brother and I fill the cannoli shells (or, more honestly, eat the cannoli cream with our fingers instead of filling the shells).

23). Now that I’m old (LOL), I have a tendency to look back to movies I loved when I was younger and overanalyze them. Just yesterday we watched “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” and found myself thinking “Rufus, WHY would you let these dopes have their own time machine?? WHY RUFUS? WHY???” Something strange was definitely afoot at the circle K…

24). I was always a writer. My mother still has stories I wrote her when I was in the first and second grades. I like to think they’ve evolved some over the years, but considering I just wrote a blurb about Bill and Ted, I can’t be certain.

25). I LOVE eating at restaurants. I’m a foodie at heart. Kenny and I used to go to cool restaurants whenever we could, and try interesting meals. We once ate some kind of Rabbit liver concoction at Momofuku Ko, in Manhattan. Its something I miss doing immensely. 

26).  I have a MONDO love of pens, planners, notebooks and all things office supplies. I always say that I have planners and notebooks coming out my ears. Today, I decided to count the planners, and I have five currently; placed strategically around the house (my bedroom, office, kitchen, in my purse, etc). No..I don’t need that many, I just REALLY like planners.

27). I really enjoy sci-fi, from the ridiculous to the sublime. I like silly sci-fi, like Futureman, epic sci-fi, like Lord of the Rings, TV shows about magic, and vampires and the like. I know I’m not really helping my dorky facade with this one. 

28). I credit Judd Apatow movies, namely Forgetting Sarah Marshall, with getting me through my darkest days. Jason Segel pretending to be Samantha from Sex and the City can literally make me giggle every.single.time.

29). I have a bit of a make up “thing.” My bathroom counter may, or may not, be covered in many (many) brushes, blushes, shadows and many forms of goops. You probably can’t tell, because somehow I always end up with twelve variations of sand/pink color colors. I would LOVE to experiment more with color, but I can never get it “right.” Anyone want to tutor me??? 

30). When I was a teenager, I would keep score at my high school’s hockey games. (my father was the coach); not so much because I liked the game (although I really did enjoy watching hockey), but more so that I really liked the cute (albeit very stinky) boys.